Ethos announces the appointment of three new members to its executive management. Aurora Mouturat-Sorensen, who joins the company, will be responsible for the proxy voting at general meetings as well as for ESG and engagement services with listed companies in Switzerland. David Jeannet and Matthias Narr, members of the extended management since 2020, remain responsible for investment and international ESG for the first and for international engagement for the second.

(Matthias Narr, Aurora Mouturat-Sorensen and David Jeannet)

Aurora Mouturat-Sorensen is joining the executive management of Ethos Services as "Head Proxy Voting, Swiss ESG & Engagement". In this capacity, she will manage the team in charge of voting at general meetings, as well as shareholder dialogue in Switzerland and ESG analysis of listed companies in Switzerland. The responsibility was assumed since October 2020 by the CEO Vincent Kaufmann.

Aurora Mouturat-Sorensen has extensive experience in the world of ESG and finance. In particular, she was head of ESG Risk Management at the Japanese bank Mizuho between 2020 and 2022 and head of "Risk Governance & Regulatory Liaison" at Morgan Stanley from 2018 to 2020. Prior to that, she notably worked at RBS and Barclays.

David Jeannet (“Head Responsible Investment and ESG International”) and Matthias Narr (“Head Engagement International”) are also appointed as members of the executive management. They were both members of the extended management team since October 2020.

David Jeannet is responsible for monitoring the external management of Ethos funds, mandates and indices and activities related to ESG analyses and ratings of international companies. He began his career at Barclays Bank Switzerland before joining Ethos in 2009. He then held the position of SRI Officer within the Mirabaud Group in Geneva from 2017 to 2018. He returned to Ethos in 2019 as Senior Business Development Manager.

Matthias Narr oversees the management of the EEP International dialogue program and international engagement activities carried out by Ethos. He joined Ethos in 2017 as Senior Engagement Specialist. Prior to that, Matthias Narr worked as an Engagement Specialist with Robeco in the Netherlands and was a manager within the Sustainability Services team of SAM in Zurich.

The executive management of Ethos Services will now have six members. The three newly appointed thus join Vincent Kaufmann (CEO), Anthony Gloor (deputy CEO) and Michael Spalding (“Head Client Relations”) who have been members of the executive management since 2011 and 2015.

These changes are part of a period of strong growth in the workforce and activities. Ethos Services thus has more than 35 employees, including 19 part-time employees.

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